Водный (тип)

Water-type Pokémon

There are 176 Water-type Pokémon.

Tauros icon Таурос
Paldean Water Tauros
Боевой Водный
Kyogre icon Кайогр
Primal Reversion
Basculin icon Баскулин
Red-Striped Form
Basculin icon Баскулин
Blue-Striped Form
Basculin icon Баскулин
White-Striped Form

Water-type attacks

There are 52 Water-type Moves.

Name Type Category Accuracy Power PP Effect
Aqua Cutter Водный Physical 100% 70 20 High critical hit ratio.
Aqua Jet Водный Physical 100% 40 20 The user lunges at the foe at a speed that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.
Aqua Ring Водный Status 20 The user envelops itself in a veil made of water. It regains some HP on every turn.
Aqua Step Водный Physical 100% 80 10 Raises user's Speed.
Aqua Tail Водный Physical 90% 90 10 The user attacks by swinging its tail as if it were a vicious wave in a raging storm.
Bouncy Bubble Водный Special 100% 60 20 The user attacks by shooting water bubbles at the target. It then absorbs water and restores its HP by half the damage taken by the target.
Brine Водный Special 100% 65 10 If the foe’s HP is down to about half, this attack will hit with double the power.
Bubble Водный Special 100% 40 30 An attack that may reduce SPEED.
Bubble Beam Водный Special 100% 65 20 An attack that may lower SPEED.
Chilling Water Водный Special 100% 50 20 Lowers opponent's Attack.
Clamp Водный Physical 85% 35 15 Traps the foe for 2-5 turns.
Crabhammer Водный Physical 90% 100 10 Has a high criti­ cal hit ratio.
Dive Водный Physical 100% 80 10 Dives underwater the first turn and strikes next turn.
Fishious Rend Водный Physical 100% 85 10 The user rends the target with its hard gills. If the user attacks before the target, the power of this move is doubled.
Flip Turn Водный Physical 100% 60 20 After making its attack, the user rushes back to switch places with a party Pokémon in waiting.
G-Max Cannonade Водный 10 Blastoise-exclusive G-Max Move. Damages non-Water types for 4 turns.
G-Max Foam Burst Водный 5 Kingler-exclusive G-Max Move. Harshly lowers opponents' Speed.
G-Max Hydrosnipe Водный 5 Inteleon-exclusive G-Max Move. Ignores target's ability.
G-Max Rapid Flow Водный 5 Urshifu Rapid-Strike Style-exclusive G-Max Move. Strikes through Max Guard and Protect.
G-Max Stonesurge Водный 5 Drednaw-exclusive G-Max Move. Sets up Stealth Rock.
Hydro Cannon Водный Special 90% 150 5 Powerful, but leaves the user immobile the next turn.
Hydro Pump Водный Special 80% 110 5 A powerful water- type attack.
Hydro Vortex Водный 1 The user creates a huge whirling current using its Z-Power to swallow the target with full force. The power varies, depending on the original move.
Jet Punch Водный Physical 100% 60 15 Always goes first.
Life Dew Водный Status 10 The user scatters mysterious water around and restores the HP of itself and its ally Pokémon in the battle.
Liquidation Водный Physical 100% 85 10 The user slams into the target using a full-force blast of water. This may also lower the target’s Defense stat.
Max Geyser Водный Physical 10 10 This is a Water-type attack Dynamax Pokémon use. The user summons a heavy rain that falls for five turns.
Muddy Water Водный Special 85% 90 10 Attacks with muddy water. May lower accuracy.
Oceanic Operetta Водный Special 195 1 The user, Primarina, summons a massive amount of water using its Z-Power and attacks the target with full force.
Octazooka Водный Special 85% 65 10 An attack that may reduce accuracy.
Origin Pulse Водный Special 85% 110 10 The user attacks opposing Pokémon with countless beams of light that glow a deep and brilliant blue.
Rain Dance Водный Status 5 Boosts water-type moves for 5 turns.
Razor Shell Водный Physical 95% 75 10 The user cuts its target with sharp shells. This attack may also lower the target’s Defense stat.
Scald Водный Special 100% 80 15 The user shoots boiling hot water at its target. It may also leave the target with a burn.
Snipe Shot Водный Special 100% 80 15 The user ignores the effects of opposing Pokémon’s moves and Abilities that draw in moves, allowing this move to hit the chosen target.
Soak Водный Status 100% 20 The user shoots a torrent of water at the target and changes the target’s type to Water.
Sparkling Aria Водный Special 100% 90 10 The user bursts into song, emitting many bubbles. Any Pokémon suffering from a burn will be healed by the touch of these bubbles.
Splishy Splash Водный Special 100% 90 15 The user charges a huge wave with electricity and hits the opposing Pokémon with the wave. This may also leave the opposing Pokémon with paralysis.
Steam Eruption Водный Special 95% 110 5 The user immerses the target in superheated steam. This may also leave the target with a burn.
Surf Водный Special 100% 90 15 A strong water- type attack.
Surging Strikes Водный Physical 100% 25 5 The user, having mastered the Water style, strikes the target with a flowing motion three times in a row. This attack always results in a critical hit.
Triple Dive Водный Physical 95% 30 10 Hits 3 times in a row.
Water Gun Водный Special 100% 40 25 Squirts water to attack.
Water Pledge Водный Special 100% 80 10 A column of water strikes the target. When combined with its fire equivalent, the damage increases and a rainbow appears.
Water Pulse Водный Special 100% 60 20 Attacks with ultrasonic waves. May confuse the foe
Water Shuriken Водный Special 100% 15 20 The user hits the target with throwing stars two to five times in a row. This move always goes first.
Water Sport Водный Status 15 The user becomes soaked to raise resistance to fire.
Water Spout Водный Special 100% 150 5 Inflicts more damage if the user’s HP is high.
Waterfall Водный Physical 100% 80 15 An aquatic charge attack.
Wave Crash Водный Physical 100% 75 10 User receives recoil damage.
Whirlpool Водный Special 85% 35 15 Traps the foe for 2-5 turns.
Withdraw Водный Status 40 Heightens the user's DEFENSE.